Tuesday, 30 December 2014


+ Is that the police?
* Yes, how may I help you?
+ Say, I'm being followed...
* Are you sure?
+ Absolutely.
* Where are you now?
+ In my house.
* And are you being followed within your own house?
+ Sure. They follow me everywhere and all the time. This is a nightmare.
* Try to describe any fellow following you.
+ Let me see... For example, this one has a banana-like face. He says his name is Bananion.
* Are you making fun of me?
+ No, please, I'm completely serious.
* Listen, I can send a patrol to your place to arrest you.
+ Don't do that! I'm completely serious and... now, you see, one more person's just started following me!
* One more person?
+ Yes, it says here: «Blacknose has just started following you». This damned computer says I am currently being followed by 205 people, but I don't want to be followed by anyone at all, you understand me? I just post my things on Twitter for fun... Mind you, what if they even follow me everytime I go to the toilet?

Frantz Ferentz, 2014

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